What is an LMS?

A 2005 survey on LMSs asked respondents to identify the most valuable features of an LMS:

52.8% Reporting
46.5% Compliance tracking
42.5% Assessment and testing
39.4% Learner-centered
29.9% Content management
28.3% Course Catalogue
19.7% Authoring
19.7% Manager approval
18.9% Certification
18.1% Standards
17.3% Analytics
15% Collaboration tool integration
14.2% Security
8.7% ERP/CRM integration

Though an LMS can offer a host of different features, the most common advantage is still being able to track and report on learner activity.  



A learning management system (LMS), is a software application that automates the administration, tracking and reporting of training.

A Learning Management System should allow you to:
• centralize and automate administration of training
• encourage learners to use self-guided learning tools
• assemble and deliver learning content rapidly
• consolidate training initiatives in one place
• support portability and standards
• personalize content and enable knowledge reuse.


Our LMS includes all the features that you should demand from a top end system.

Administration tools allow you to manage user registrations and profiles, define roles, set curricula, assign tutors, author courses, manage content. Administrators have complete access to the training database, enabling them to create standard and customized reports on individual and group performance. All features are accessed with a user-friendly interface.

Content development. Our LMS allows you to author, maintain, and store the learning content. Surveys, tests and other learning tools can be re-used in multiple courses if required.

Content integration and adherence to standards. In addition to bespoke courses designed by Agenor, our LMS can include any SCORM or AICC compatible course that you may have already developed. Powerpoints and any other training documents can be integrated too.

Assessment capabilities. Our LMS has test and survey features that can be a part of each course. Evaluation, testing, and assessment help you build a program that becomes more valuable over time.

Configurability. Agenor can create a course within our portal or we can host the LMS for you. Your training managers can access the LMS behind the scenes; and Agenor can customize the LMS to fit in with your companies branding, if required.

Security. Security is a priority in any data system containing employee information. Our security measures include passwords and encryption.



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